Famous travelling food YouTuber explores the rich history and culture of Fijian cuisine

Famous travelling food YouTuber explores the rich history and culture of Fijian cuisine

Renowned travelling YouTube food vlogger, Mark Wiens has set foot in Fiji, embarking on a captivating journey to uncover the flavours and traditions of Fijian cuisine. 

Best known for his food exploration videos and travel tips, Mark is no stranger to indulging in delectable street food from around the world. His channel hosts up to 9.93 million subscribers with an audience of 2 billion from around the world. Now, he is ready to take his audience on a delightful food adventure in picturesque Fiji.

Thanks to his friend Andhy Blake, a TV host and Fijian producer, Mark had the privilege of experiencing an ultimate Fijian food tour on the main island. Andhy’s love for food and connections in Fiji allowed Mark to explore the finest local delicacies in the region.

Mark explored the history of Indians in Fiji, particularly in the capital city, Suva. Many of these Indian communities have been in Fiji for generations, arriving as indentured servants to work on sugar plantations. They brought with them their rich culture, customs, and delicious cuisine. Mark went on a food tour, discovering the fascinating mix of traditional Indian flavours with a unique Fijian touch.

He then took his culinary adventure to the next level by joining Captain Cook Cruises for a voyage to the remote Lau Islands. Along with enjoying the stunning island scenery, Mark savoured the delicious meals served on the cruise, including fresh seafood and local specialties.

Throughout his journey, Mark shared his experiences on his YouTube channel, delighting his millions of followers with Fiji’s diverse culinary landscape. He uncovered the stories behind the dishes, the traditions that shaped them, and the warm hospitality of the Fijian people.

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