Aquatic Adventures Across Fiji

Aquatic Adventures Across Fiji

As a teenager, I always used to hear some of my elders saying, ‘it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times’ and it was not until years later that I fully understood the essence of this proverb.

When you grow up in a tropical country like Fiji, there is no excuse for boredom – our islands are strewn with some of the most beautiful beaches, rivers, streams, sand dunes, peaks, forests, waterfalls, uninhabited islands, dive sites and colourful reefs.

You can enjoy a hike into the forests to sight exotic bird life, rubber tube down flowing rivers or slip into a wet suit, mask up with a gas tank and scuba dive to the depths of our oceans – Fiji is a postcard of adventures.

In my profession, as a content producer, I have been rewarded with trips to almost every part of our country and after each trip, I fall madly and deeply in-love with Fiji.

Each of the locations I visit offer uniqueness in the forms of its landscape and natural beauty, but when it comes to adventure, these 2 locations set themselves apart as Fiji’s adventure locality!


This charming coastal location, branded as Fiji’s ‘Hidden Paradise’ is absolutely irresistible – from its quaint display of shopping centres, palm fringed beaches, virgin coastlines to the serene Savusavu bay, this tropical northern getaway is one of my favorite local destinations. 

From Nausori Airport, the Fiji Link flight across to paradise is a scenic 45 minutes that is filled with lots of beauty and colours from the sky. You glide across some of the most idyllic islands in the Lomaiviti Province and on approach to the Savusavu airport, your views are transformed by the postcard cutouts of limestone islets bolted to the sea floor. 

When it comes to accommodation you can choose from a range of comfortable establishments. I opted to stay at the 5-star Jean- Michel Cousteau Resort which is a 15-minute drive away from the airport. 

One of the perks of being based at this resort is the opportunity to explore their private Naviavia Island – from the resort pier, a 10-minute boat ride will sail you across to the island. On the way, you sail over colourful reefs, a popular snorkelling and diving site for both resort guests and the locals.

Savusavu did not earn its ‘Hidden Paradise’ tagline by accident – in fact, to experience its hidden attractions, you have to physically visit and discover its magic!

Savusavu ‘Must-Dos: My Recommendations Vuadomo Waterfall

This singular picturesque cascading waterfall is located on the outskirts of the town centre. Nestled neatly amongst lush rainforests, the pathway to the falls is lined with an oasis of flowers and tropical plants. There is a changing room available and benches to place your bags.

Tips and Costs:

  • It is about an hour ride from Savusavu town
  • Take your bottles of water and sunscreen as the hike to the falls can get a little hot – the pathway is not shaded
  • Entry fee is $10 FJD.

Salt Lake

Almost mythical, definitely extraordinary is how I would begin to describe this wonder. Set in and amongst lush rainforests and mangroves that provides habitat to its colourful bird population, the lake is connected to a tidal river whose pristine water mirrors that of the sea. It is about 30 minutes from the town centre and accessible via a dirt road turn off from the famous Hibiscus Highway.

Tips and Costs:

  • Pack your insect repellent, sunscreen and water bottles
  • Best way to explore the river and lake is on River Tubes
  •  River Tube Hire Costs: $100 FJD (includes a guide, juice, water and a light lunch)

Vaga Island

No trip to Savusavu is complete without a visit to the secluded Vaga Island that is barely visited by locals and tourists. This unforgettable experience is perched neatly off the Vaga Estate and a stone throw away from the Hibiscus Highway. The limestone island is surrounded by spectacular pools of water and a patch of white sand to sun bake on after dipping into the turquoise sea.

Tips and Costs:

  • It is about a 30 minutes ride from Savusavu town and down the Hibiscus Highway.
  • Pack your sunscreen, hats and sunglasses
  • Vaga Island is privately owned and you will need access via a guide
  • Guide Costs: $100 FJD (Includes a light lunch, juice and water)

Contact: Pettine Simpson
Phone: (679) 785 0494

Vaga Island

Famous for its panoramic views of Fiji’s Lomaiviti Group, Takalana Bay is the Tailevu Province’s best kept secret. 

The bay boasts golden sunshine with fresh sea breeze flowing fresh in off the Bligh Waters and is a favourite destination of mine to relax and get away from it all. From Nadi international airport, it is a very scenic 4 hour drive down the King’s Highway and from Nausori (airport), it is about an hour and 30 minutes. 

On approach into the district, you will catch sight of Mount Tova Peak, a popular hiking spot for adrenaline enthusiasts which is also used as a beacon for mariners and locals that fish in this region. The bay is home to two properties – Takalana Bay Resort and Natalei Eco Lodge, that offers neat and cozy accommodation. 

Each of the properties is embellished by palm fringed coastlines, colourful flower oasis and their famous black sands – a unique feature of these parts.

You can enjoy a hike up the peak for more breathtaking views of the district or take a dip in one of their cold fresh water pools but the real attraction of the district lays submerged out at sea! 

About a 30-minute boat ride from the bay’s virgin coastline is Moon Reef – like its name suggests, this spectacular moon-shaped reef is home to spinner dolphins. 

This small wild dolphin breed is found mainly in off-shore tropical waters such as Takalana and they usually hunt for food outside of the reef during low tide. 

You will be in awe of the acrobatic displays as they rotate around and leap through the air!

Takalana Bay ‘Must-Do’s: My Recommendations Dolphin Watching

Enjoy the splashes of sea sprays as you boat out to catch sight of spinner dolphins. This is also another manner to enjoy the sweeping and picturesque virgin coastlines of the Dawasamu district.

Tips and Costs:

  • It is about a 30-minute boat ride from Takalana Bay’s black sandy seashore.
  • Take your bottles of water, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and cameras!
  • Dolphin Tours Cost: $ 275 FJD

Fishing Trip Charters

Takalana Bay is also an angler’s paradise – there are some popular fishing spots waiting to be explored.

Tips and Costs:

  • Fishing Charters Cost: around $400 FJD

Hike and Waterfall Visit

Hike the Dawasamu and experience the district’s rich vegetation. With a stunning view of the Bligh Waters as your backdrop, you can relax in one of the fresh water pools.

Tips and Costs: 

  • Hike with Guide Cost: $65 FJD 

Black Sand Picnic and Lunch

Laze on the famous black sands of Takalana Bay and enjoy delicious lunch prepared using fresh, locally grown produce and bounty from the ocean.

Tips and Costs:

  • Pack your towels, sarong, sunscreen, sunglasses and bottled water.
  • Beach Access and Lunch Cost: $25 FJD

Contact: Jay and Viniana Vuibau
Phone: (679) 9208282/9916338

Adventures for me began at 40, I enjoy them more at this age when I have learnt to be more appreciative and grateful for the rich and diverse beauty of Fiji. I was glad to have finally seen everything listed above once, now I don’t have to hear about it another thousand times!

*Prices correct at the time of publishing

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