Thinking of going to Taveuni? Here’s what to do

Thinking of going to Taveuni? Here’s what to do

The ambrosial, divine and beauteous northern island of Taveuni has long been stamped as the ‘Garden Island’ of Fiji – yes, it’s lush and tropical flora is breathtaking and is one of the first things you notice as you descend into Matei airport but it is not until you finally settle into the island that your perception of that ‘catchphrase stamp’ gets quickly changed.

I enjoyed a scenic one-hour plane ride with Fiji Link from Nausori international airport on the island of Viti Levu to one of the most unforgettable postcard destinations in Fiji.

Taveuni is Fiji’s third largest island with a total land area of 434 square kilometers. The ‘cigar shaped’ island is a divers mecca as the island is garnished by the world famous Rainbow Reef. The reef roosts between the Somosomo strait and Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu and the dive season is between the months of April to October.

There is a great choice of establishments when it comes to selecting your accommodation and Garden Island Resort with its panoramic views and tasty pizzas was my choice of stay.

The resort is the largest on the island and boasts 30 rooms.

To access the island’s main adventure attractions, it is best to invest in a local guide as they come equipped with both an off-road vehicle and fantastic knowledge about the island.

And if you want to experience memorable thrills of Fiji’s newest Adventure Capital, here are some of my recommendations:

Savuleveavonu Waterfall

If Heaven was a display on earth, then this waterfall was surely it. To access one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Fiji, a 45-minute scenic ride from Waiyevo will lead you to the coastal village of Lavena on the eastern side of the island. The villagers organize boat tours to the waterfalls and the boat ride takes up to about 30 minutes (during fine weather).

Tips and Costs:

  • Visit the waterfall during fine weather as the seas can get choppy with waves of upto 7 meter swells.
  • Boat transfers costs $300 FJD.

Waitavala Natural Water Slide

This is Taveuni’s version of a natural “theme park” – it’s uniqueness is the gushing water that flows out of Lake Tagimoucia (which is located in the central and mountainous region of the island) that fills the naturally made stone slides. The waterslide is surrounded by lush rainforest and is easily accessible on foot.

Tips and Costs:

  • Best time to visit is after a huge downpour – the force of the water is at is best!
  • Entry is free.

South Cape Blowholes

This delightful display is located on the southern tip of Taveuni and is a 1-hour scenic ride from Waiyevo.

You will be entertained with the sprouting veils of water that rushes between the black volcanic rocks from the Vuna reef.

The water sprouts can reach upto heights of 50 meters and occurs when the blowholes are at its full glory.

Tips and Costs:

  • The best time to visit the blowholes is during the change of tides.
  • Entry is free.

Tavoro Waterfalls

Another of Taveuni’s stunning waterfalls is located in the Bouma National Park and comprises of 3 – each of the falls is accessible on foot along clear pathways. The first waterfall is a 10-minute walk from the main entrance and an hour to the remaining two.

Tips and Costs:

  • It is a 20-minute scenic ride from Waiyevo to the entrance of Tavoro Waterfalls.
  • Entry fee is $30 FJD.



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