British High Commission and Mai TV sign series deal

British High Commission and Mai TV sign series deal

The British High Commission in Suva signed an agreement with Mai TV today to formalise its support of the television station’s new series ‘Mai Fijian Voices’.

Premiered a fortnight ago and hosted by renowned television personality Andhy Blake, Mai Fijian Voices which airs 8pm Thursdays, profiles local response to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The deal, unveiled at Mai TV’s Toorak-based office in Suva, paves the way for the station to showcase more stories of creativity and innovation, all of which carried out in consideration of our environment and our ocean, that will define this generation and inspire generations after these.

British High Commissioner to Fiji, George Edgar said it was extremely excited to partner with Mai TV on the series.

“We look forward to highlighting the creative and innovative ways in which Fijian entrepreneurs have responded to the challenges of COVID-19 to look after their families and communities.”

Mai TV Director Stanley Simpson said Mai Fijian Voices would shine light on the various initiatives and partnerships that have encouraged sustainable resilience, healthy food and food security, and celebrate the oceans, forests and natural environment.

The high commission’s support also comes on the back of their commitment to efforts to mitigate the impacts of Climate Change, focusing on resilient, green and sustainable economic growth, aspects of which are amplified via the show.

Mai Fijian Voices highlights three main themes, one of which being the important role that women are playing on the frontlines of COVID-19 and stepping up to look after their families. The show also showcases the creative ways locals are adapting to the new normal in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It also seeks to underline the importance of the ocean, which will be at the heart of a resilient and sustainable future – how it is managed will be critical for Fiji and the world’s sustainable future.

Mai Fijian Voices is shown simultaneously on Mai TV’s Facebook page. Season one of the show will run for 13 episodes, concluding on January 2021.

Source: MaiTv

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