Star Flyer – Andhy Blake

Star Flyer – Andhy Blake

FT: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
AB: I am a senior television producer at the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC TV) in Suva. I come from the province of Tailevu and enjoy traveling, sailing, meeting people, eating new foods and love animals especially dogs – I have 3 fur babies – Timon, Titus and Tokyo

FT: What’s it like, producing travel shows and travelling the world?
AB: Dream job! I could not have been more blessed with an exciting job where I get to explore exotic destinations, experience colorful cultures, eat tasty foods while enjoying what I am so passionate about – producing entertaining content for television in Fiji

FT: Favorite international destination? Why?|
AB: Honolulu, Hawaii. I love the Aloha of the Hawaiian people their rich culture including the similarity in landscapes to Fiji. During my visit to Honolulu, I was drawn to how welcoming the Hawaiians are I also love food and Honolulu served up the best pork variations including their famous loco maco havwaiian rice, topped with a hamburger patty a fried egg, and brown gravy at Joe Grills Express!

FT: Where is home for Andhy Blake? What is it like?
AB: I live in Nausori which is the informal capital (small town) of 3 main provinces in Fiji – Tailevu, Rewa, and Naitasiri. Aside from our very lively lovals. my hometown is famous for our vegetables and seafood market, iconic sites such as the old Rewa bridge and food delicacies such as Oalula ( a Fijian dessert made from ground Taro & coconum milk) adn Bila (a traditional bread made from furmentation). You cannot say have been to Fiji until you have visited my homedtown.

FT: Other than your hometown, which part of Fiji would you recommend to visitors, and why?
AB: Korovou town in the Tailevu province. I love how laid back and country this town is plus it is the main entry point to beautiful waterfalls (Uru’s waterfall) and limestone caves (Wailotua caves) in the province. I also love shopping at their markets during ivi (Tahitian chestnut( and avocado pear season – best tasting in the whole of Fiji

FT: Your favorite things to do in Japan?
AB: Takeshita street (Harajuku) – Great shopping and food treats.
AB: Amayoko market (Taito Ward) – You will find the tastiest sashimi rice bowls there including mocha ice cream
AB: Tokyo sky tree – Best panoramic view of Tokyo

FT: Your favorite things to do in Singapore?
AB: Sentosa Island – Universal studios
AB: Hawker centers – Chinatown complex food center.
AB: Mostada center – Shopping

FT: Top 3 travel essentials? Things you absolutely cannot travel without?
AB: Phone charger, Bata flip flops, and Fiji Rugby Polo or T-Shirt (I am a proud Fijian)

FT: Any travel hacks?
AB: Roll clothing to create more room, pack only what you need to wearm tie a coloful bow on your cases to easily spot them at the baggage carousel and carry on (in a sealed clear bag) travel size deodorant especially for long haul flights.

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