Devouring the tasty Bila!

Devouring the tasty Bila!

The Tailevu province is famous for its tasty food delicacies, one of which is the “Bila”, a type of fermented bread that is robust both in taste and smell.

“Bila” is prepared from cassava by peeling and dicing a few sticks to about 1 –2 cm in size before soaking it in water for three days – this is the fermentation process that furnishes its unique flavor.

After the three days, the fermented cassava is mashed and squeezed dry to certain moisture content before sugar and finely grated coconut are added and thoroughly mixed into a dough like paste.

The dough is than segmented into portions before spooning it into washed Qai or Vasili (Cordyline) leaves. Each wrap is secured with string and carefully placed into boiling water to cook for about an hour.

Once the “Bila” is cooked, it is taken out of the boiling water to cool before eating.

You will discover the tastiest “Bila” sold in the Nausori Market on Saturday’s by Ana Tuisese from Mokani Village.

Her “Bila” is not too overwhelming in aroma or taste which will be welcome enjoyment for your palate!

For $1 FJD, enjoy one of Tailevu’s tastiest food delicacies that is appealing with nutrition and flavor – something that you must try when visiting Nausori.

*Nausori town is located just 30 minutes outside of the capital city, Suva and 5 minutes from the Nausori International Airport.

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