Thinking of going to Savusavu? Here’s what to do.

Thinking of going to Savusavu? Here’s what to do.

Fiji’s hidden paradise can arguably claim ‘adventure capital’ as an added expression to its growing popularity both locally and internationally.

This once unexplored part of Fiji has escalated itself to the top of my ‘most memorable places visited’ list, capturing my heart, soul and other emotions – let me tell you why?

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort down Lesiaceva Point Road exudes authentic Fijian hospitality and service. From arrival to departure, you will find yourself immersed in the warm and hospitable spirit of Savusavu.

The wearing of bright “Bula” smiles and genuine congenial service on display by the staff adds to the ambience of this 5-star luxury eco-resort.

The resort is also a ‘culinary haven’ with its attractive food menus and innovative plating ideas – the ‘Asian food tasting plates’ is my recommendation on the lunch menus and the palatable of Japanese, Indian and Chinese flavors is an added piquancy.

About a 25-minute scenic drive from the town center is one of the most attractive cascading waterfalls that I have encountered in Fiji. Vuadomo falls is nestled in the heart of rich grasslands and mostly evergreen trees that is garnished with colorful flower oasis, lining the pathway to the falls.

For a taste of unique sea adventure, river tubing in the salt water lake is something everyone should try. The combination of Koro and Natewa Bay seas magically enhances the entire experience.

As you paddle your river tube across the lake, you get mesmerized with the surrounds of rich mangrove vegetation as your gazing trance is gently interrupted by the loud piercing sounds of the king fisher birds.

Every visitor into Savusavu should at least delve into Nasinu, one of the coastal villages of the Cakaudrove province that boasts to capturing some of the most picturesque views of the Natewa Bay. The bay is the largest in the South Pacific and is home to rich marine life and undiscovered scuba diving sites.

If you are after tasty ‘thin crust’ pizzas, Vaga Gardens down the Hibiscus Highway is your head to diner. This rustic ‘hole in the wall’ garden bar and restaurant offer tasty selections using ingredients that is grown fresh in their gardens.

Some of the best local chocolates are made in Savusavu. A tour through Kokomana’s farm and factory makes you appreciate the fine-flavor chocolates that are all hand made from cocoa beans that is carefully nurtured under the Savusavu sun.

End your experience at the infamous J-Hunter pearl farm for a snorkeling tour in one of their well-designed pearl farms that appears adrift inside the deep-magnificent Savusavu bay.

The J-Hunter boutique on the outskirts of the town center stocks the brands gems, some of which is their unique colored pearls and articulated crafted pearl jewelry.

Savusavu is connected to the rest of the world via the daily Fiji Link flights that hop across from Nadi or Suva and is my recommendation for your next holiday destination of choice.

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