The Best Cooked Seafood Stall in Fiji

The Best Cooked Seafood Stall in Fiji

The town of Nausori can boast to having the ‘best cooked seafood stall’ in Fiji. Harbored inside the Nausori Market and tucked away amongst vegetable and fruit stalls, root crops, spices and other food stalls is Sera’s Ready Cooked Seafood Stall.
Famed for mouth-watering, cooked seafood selections such as the signature Kovu Kaikoso (baked small sweet sea clams in coconut milk), this is definitely the seafood stall to head to for all your planned Saturday seafood lunches.

Sera’s menu includes:

  • Nama (Sea Grapes)
  • Kovu Kaikoso (Baked Small Sweet Sea Clams in Coconut Milk)
  • Kovu Kai (Baked Fresh Water Clams in Coconut Milk)
  • Lumi (Seaweed)
  • Stuffed Dairo (Sand Fish)
  • Kokoda (Ceviche)
  • Vasua (Giant Clams) (Seasonal)
  • Steamed Octopus in Coconut Milk (Seasonal)
  • Sici in Coconut Milk (Trochus Shell) (Seasonal)
  • Prawns in Coconut Milk (Seasonal)
  • Cawaki (Sea urchins)
  • Cooked Root Crops (Taro and Cassava)

*Tip: The best time to visit Sera’s stall is early Saturday mornings (8 am) as she normally sells out of her delicious seafood by 11 am.

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