YanuYanu Taveuni

YanuYanu Taveuni

In 1984, the 40th U.S President, the late Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month
thus establishing National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in July.

For Fijians, a way in which we can celebrate its essence is on the island paradise of Taveuni. The island is famous for having over 600 waterfalls, the best diving locations (rainbow reef), blow
holes to producing the best dairy-free ice creams.

Located in the heart of the island’s main business district of Naqara in Somosomo, YanuYanu Taveuni
is Fiji’s version of top New Zealand brand, Kapiti Ice-Cream.

The Taveuni brand produces delicious frozen treats using seasonal sweetened fruits that are grown
on the island.

With their natural colors, the different flavors of ice creams have a creamy, smooth like texture that
becomes a delight to the taste buds.

An absolute relish – YanuYanu Ice-cream is scoops of happiness and joy!

YanuYanu Taveuni Ice-Cream Flavors

⦁ Lemon
⦁ Starfruit
⦁ Cherry & Vudi
⦁ Cherry & Soursop
⦁ Soursop
⦁ Guava Paka
⦁ Guava Paka Coconut
⦁ Cherry Paka
⦁ Mandarin
⦁ Aloe Vera & Mint
⦁ Cacao Fruit
⦁ Paka
⦁ Jackfruit
⦁ Moli Kula
⦁ Guava Cinnamon
⦁ Vudi
⦁ Mango Mint
⦁ Mango Guava Coconut
⦁ Tropical Berry Mix
⦁ Tropical Berry Coconut
⦁ Tulsisop (Wild Basil)

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